Safety is an enduring theme at every level of the Port, and our latest safety campaign, Oi! Think Sense will help us achieve this further.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new safety campaign, Oi! Think Sense, which aims to promote safe practices among our employees and continues to build a culture of safety across our organisation.

The Oi! Think Sense campaign is designed to encourage everyone to think five before engaging in any activity that may put themselves or others at risk. It is centred around the idea that the five senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell - are powerful tools, so by using our senses and by taking an active role in identifying hazards and using common sense, we can prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

The campaign will include a series of interactive workshops, training sessions and communication initiatives, aimed at promoting safety awareness and best practices. The programme will cover a wide range of topics, including:


  • Hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Workplace safety policies and procedures
  • Safe use of work equipment and machinery
  • The importance of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Emergency preparedness and response

By educating and empowering our employees to take ownership of safety in the workplace, we can and will prevent accidents, reduce injuries, and ultimately create a safer working environment for everyone. All employees have a critical role in the Oi! Think Sense campaign and need to be proactive in promoting safety across our organisation. Together, we will create a culture of safety that benefits us all.

The Port is a member of the Port Skills and Safety group and the Port has it's own dedicated Health & Safety Department, reporting to the CEO who reviews all safety issues and works with the Union, Directors and employees to prevent incidents by learning from their own reported incidents, and those shared from other ports or similar areas of the business and industry. 

The Port recognises Unite the Union and employs a number of Union appointed Health and Safety Representatives and Employee Representatives, across all Departments.  The Port holds frequent meetings with Union appointed Health and Safety and Employee representatives, giving them opportunities to raise concerns for their members.