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Portbury to Avonmouth aerial view Avonmouth aerial view Aerial view with proposed Deep Sea Container Terminal Jack Up Barge in Estuary

The Bristol Port Company plans to create a deep sea container terminal at Avonmouth

On 25 March 2010, the Department for Transport gave consent for the construction of Bristol's Deep Sea Container Terminal.  As one of the country's fastest growing ports, Bristol is developing its role as a gateway container port for the UK and a transshipment point for the Atlantic seaboard and Europe.  

The port has excellent rail and road links, it is close to a large part of the UK's container market and there is a deep water channel in the Severn Estuary already used by the port. As a result of these inherent advantages Bristol Port plans to expand its facilities with a new deep sea container terminal (DSCT) in the Bristol Channel.  The terminal is designed to service not only today’s largest container vessels but also future generations of ultra large container ships (ULCS) when they enter service.

These pages provide information on many aspects of the new terminal and what the Port is doing to move its plans forward.  More detailed information is available on the Economic, and Environmental  background to the port's expansion plans.

FAQs has answers to many common questions.